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  • "Everyday I learnt something and was able to understand more. I learnt that I need to have more confidence in myself and speak out if I need something."

    Courtney, Adelaide






To showcase Nacel Australasia’s commitment to social responsibility in assisting Australian students

to participate in international language and cultural education programs, we are now offering:

·     For the host school that confirms and the placement proceeds:

            Automatic inclusion in a state based draw (drawn on 30 April 1016) to win a full  

            Scholarship for a Nacel Australasia program for one of their students (6wk program to

            country of choice). One scholarship to be drawn in each of the states of WA, VIC, NSW,


·     For the host family that confirms and the placement proceeds;

1.       A Coles food voucher for period of the placement

ie 10 weeks @ $100 per week = $1000 Coles voucher


2.       In addition, a 25% discount to a student member of the hosting family for one of our

                             international programs in any of the 3 years following their hosting provision.